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The organization shall be named Sage Community Network; herein referred to as SCN.   It is a local not for profit unit organized by parents and staff of Sage International School of Boise.

To foster and facilitate community minded projects that support Sage International School of Boise; to promote open communication and collaboration between parents, teachers, students, administration, and the Sage Board of Directors and to develop a community of “citizens of the world”, capable of exemplifying the IB profile attributes routinely in their day to day lives.


  • To lend our energy, talent and time to enhance the quality of education and school environment

  • To support teachers to ensure the highest physical, mental and social education

  • To invite a diverse and broad participation from parents

  • To promote a team atmosphere among parents, teachers and administration

  • To foster a sense of community pride

  • To be mindful of, support, represent, and build positively upon the Sage International School brand

The fiscal year of the SCN shall begin on July 1st and end on the following June 30th to correspond with the school's fiscal year.

Section 1: Membership. 

  1. Any parent or guardian of a student at the School, any member of the board, and all teachers or staff currently employed at the School may become SCN Members. 

  2. Only members of the organization shall be eligible to serve in any of its elected or appointed positions.

  3. Members will have the opportunity to raise topics or questions during the New Business portion of the agenda at the end of all regular meetings.

Section 2: Dues. 
The SCN has and collects no membership dues.

Section 3: Vote. 
Members will, each Spring, vote to elect the following years board of directors.  Voting on matters of SCN business will be done by the board of directors.

Section 1: Directors and Officers. 
The board of directors shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary (the Officers), as well as a PYP/Elementary School Liaison  a MYP/Middle School Liaison, a DP/High School Liaison, a Volunteer Coordinator, a Parliamentarian and no less than 2 and no more than 8 at large members.  Each Director is entitled to one vote on all motions before the Board.  Each Director may also make or second motions before the Board.  Additionally, the Board will have one non-voting administration “flex-seat” to be occupied by a representative of the schools administration, appointed by the school.   Each year one seat will be left vacant during elections to be potentially filled by a new family entering the school in the fall. The board will also nominate one director to serve as Parliamentarian for the year.

Section 2: Eligibility. 
Any Members in good standing shall be eligible to serve in any Director or Officer position.  

Section 3: Nominations & Elections. 
Self nominations for Director positions shall be submitted electronically during the first two weeks of April each year.  In the event that there are fewer nominees than seats, all nominated candidates will be accepted.  Should there be more nominees than open board positions an election will be held.  Once elected, the board shall appoint its Officers from among its membership.

Section 4: Term of Service. 
Voting shall take place during the month of May. Directors shall be elected for a term of two years; Officers shall be appointed for a term of not more than two consecutive calendar year in the same position (beginning July 1st and ending on the following June 30th).

Section 5: Compensation. 
No Officer shall be compensated by the SCN for their service.

Section 6: Attendance. 
Each Officer shall attend no less than 75% of the monthly SCN meetings.

Section 7: Committee Service. 
Each Director is expected to serve on a minimum of one committee.

Section 8: Contracts & Purchases. 
No Officer shall secure any contract in the name of the SCN without the approval to do so by vote of the SCN Board of Directors. Any approved purchases must be made within the budgetary restrictions.

Section 9: General Responsibilities of Directors.

  1. Be an advocate for Sage International when attending community events; promote Sage International in ways appropriate to your profession and contacts. 

  2. Read the Sage International School charter.  

  3. Attend all meetings or notify the President, in advance of your absence, and submit a report prior to the meeting. 

  4. Represents the interests of the community in school wide network decisions.

  5. Participate in the creation and management of committees as needed to carry out work necessary to achieve SCN’s purpose.

  6. Represent parent concerns and opinions as they relate to SCN issues at meetings.

  7. A Board member’s unexcused absence from two consecutive meetings shall result in automatic removal from office. 

  8. Directors are elected for 2-year terms. 

  9. Directors may be re-elected.

  10. In the absence of interested Directors a Board member may hold as many as, but no more than, two officer positions at the same time.

  11. No Board member may ever serve concurrently as President and Treasurer.

Section 10: Removal of Directors. 

  1. If a Director is, in the opinion of another Director,  derelict in their duty as a member of the board, a motion can be made for dismissal by vote of members present only at a meeting called for the purpose of removing the director and the meeting notice must state that the purpose, or one of the purposes, of the meeting is removal of the director.  

  2. An Officer elected by the board may be stripped of title without cause by the vote of two-thirds of the directors then in office.  

  3. Should a Board position become vacant during the school year, the SCN PTO Board has the authority to appoint a successor to that position for the remainder of the school year; however, a Director so authorized to fill a Board position elected by members may subsequently be removed from office by a vote of members, but not the Board.

Section 1: President.
The President(s) shall:

  1. Exercise general supervision over all of the interests and welfare of the entire Parent Organization 

  2. Act as a liaison between the School, SCN Board, Sage Board of Directors, and parents 

  3. Coordinate the work of the officers and the committees so that the purpose of the organization is served

  4. Coordinate Board meetings, develop an agenda, and facilitate SCN board meetings

  5. May act as ex-officio member of all committees

  6. Work closely with committee chairs and coordinators to ensure timely and efficient completion of network related tasks and projects together with the Vice President

  7. Meet with the School Administration as needed

  8. Supervise the election of SCN Board Officers for the following year 

  9. Attend monthly Sage Board of Directors meetings or appoint a liaison

  10. Approve meeting minutes in a timely manner

  11. Be the first signatory for checks

  12. Has spending authority without board approval for amounts of less than $100

  13. Perform all other duties pertaining to the office

  14. Service is a one year term. The position can be filled by the same person for 2 consecutive year only

Section 2: Vice President.
The Vice President shall:

  1. Attend all SCN board meetings

  2. Give input and approval as needed

  3. Liaise with the President and become familiar with the duties of the office 

  4. Perform the duties of President in the event of the President's absence

  5. Work closely with committee chairs and coordinators to ensure timely and efficient completion of network related tasks and projects  together with the President.

  6. Volunteer to chair one committee

  7. Perform all other duties pertaining to the office

  8. Service is a one year term

Section 3: Secretary.
The Secretary shall:

  1. Attend all SCN board meetings 

  2. Create and maintain a resource file containing the Parent Organization Bylaws, policies, procedures, committee descriptions and approved/unapproved meeting minutes

  3. Distribute minutes to all SCN Board Members in a timely fashion after each meeting.

  4. Maintain a current list of all active committees and committee chairs

  5. Organize or set up requests (catering, IT, maintenance) for all Meetings in collaboration with the President or appointed liaison

  6. Perform such other duties as are required by the office

  7. Service is a one year term

Section 4: Treasurer.
The Treasurer shall:

  1. Manage the operating budget with the approval of the SCN Board

  2. Receive and collect all SCN monies

  3. Be custodian of all funds

  4. Deposit funds in a bank approved by SCN

  5. Be the second signatory for checks

  6. Attend and present an accounting statement of all accounts at each scheduled board meeting

  7. Prepare and complete an annual report of income and expenses

  8. File any required documents related to the organization’s nonprofit status

  9. Disburse funds in accordance with the budget as approved by the Board (or President if less than $100)

  10. Propose a yearly budget based on last year’s annual report to the Board at the annual Board meeting

  11. Maintain accurate records of all financial transactions related to the SCN account to be passed on to subsequent treasurers and to be used as reference by SCN Officers as needed 

  12. Perform such other duties as are required by the office

  13. Service is a one year term

Section 5: PYP, Middle, and DP School Liaisons.
The PYP, Middle, and DP School Liaisons shall:

  1. Attend all SCN Board meetings or notify the President, in advance of absence, and submit a report prior to the meeting

  2. Represents the interests of their community in school wide network decisions

  3. Find Grade Representatives 

  4. Meet on a regular basis with Heads of School to discuss ways in which the Sage Community Network can support the school, and to get feedback, ideas and approval on projects that concern and affect teachers and staff at their level

  5. Act as a liaison between the School, SCN Board, and parents 

  6. Represent parent concerns and opinions as they relate to SCN issues at meetings

  7. Coordinate and communicate regularly with Grade Representatives to facilitate and oversee their process and act as their representatives in matters with the school

  8. Volunteer for a minimum of one SCN sponsored activity during the year

  9. Participate in planning a calendar of events

  10. Communicate all scheduled events and changes to the SCN Board

  11. Maintain documents and records for future reference

  12. DP/High School Liaison: Stays abreast of and updates the network on CAS projects that may benefit from community involvement

  13. Service is a one year term

Section 6: Volunteer Coordinator.
The Volunteer Coordinator shall:

  1. Attend all SCN Board meetings or notify the President, in advance of absence, and submit a report prior to the meeting

  2. Oversees the coordination of volunteers for SCN events and school activities

  3. Collect and manage list of general volunteers at the beginning of each school year

  4. Collect and manage volunteer for specific events during the year

  5. Train (or arrange for training of) volunteers as necessary

  6. Work with teachers, staff, and administration to ensure volunteers are recruited and properly prepared to assist for programs and events

  7. On-going dialog with teachers and classroom/grade parents to ensure needs are met; on-going dialog with SCN liaisons or school administrators to ensure general needs are met

  8. Manage and administrate online volunteer management software/service

  9. Provide ongoing recognition for volunteers

  10. Perform other duties as required by this office

  11. Service is a one year term

Section 7: Parliamentarian.
The Parliamentarian shall:

  1. Ensure that meetings and procedures are conducted in accordance with SCN bylaws

  2. Provide guidance, using Roberts Rules of Order, as needed to meeting facilitators on parliamentary procedure.

  3. Bring a copy of bylaws to every meeting

Section 1: Regular Meetings.
Shall be held monthly, except during July and August, at the School, on a date and time pre-established by the Board. Dates and times of the monthly meetings shall be posted online no later than August 1st and be presented by the President at the first regular meeting of the school year.

Section 2: Annual Meetings. 
The annual meeting shall be held the second Thursday of the month of September at 7:00pm

Section 3: Special Meetings.
May be called at any time during the school year by the President or upon the written request to the Secretary of at least five (5) SCN members in good standing. The objective(s) of such Special meeting must be set forth and presented to the Network membership at least 10 days prior to the meeting.

Section 4: Quorum. 
Greater than 50% of the SCN directors shall constitute a quorum. A quorum must be met before any motion can be made or vote take place.  Once a quorum is established any vote is binding based on a majority of the Directors present.

Section 5: Voting. 
Once a motion has been made, seconded and discussed the board may vote on an issue in one of two ways
1. An issue passed by a majority vote of Directors in attendance shall be considered approved and binding, a measure failing to garner a majority of votes shall be considered to have failed
      a) The President shall call for a voice vote of ayes and nays
      b) Should the President be in doubt regarding the majority side of a voice vote, a roll call or show of hands may be requested.
2. A measure may be passed by unanimous consent; the President shall read the motion preceded by “without objection the following motion shall pass.”  In the absence of objection from a Board member, the measure shall be considered approved and binding.  With objection, the issue must go through the voting process described herein.

Section 6: Meetings open to the public.
All meetings shall be open to the public and all persons shall be permitted to attend any meeting.

Section 7: Telecommunications devices at meetings. 
All meetings may be conducted using telecommunications devices which enable all directors of the Network participating in the meeting to communicate with each other.

Section 8: Meeting Agendas. 
An agenda must be posted for all meetings at least 48 hours before the scheduled meeting time; however, additional agenda items may be added up to and including the hour of the meeting, provided that a good faith effort was made to include in the notice all agenda items known at the time to be probable items of discussion.  A 24 hour meeting agenda shall be required in advance of a special meeting unless an emergency exists.

Section 9: Meeting Minutes. 
The Secretary shall provide for the taking of written minutes of all meetings.  However, neither a full transcript nor a recording of the meeting shall be required.  All minutes shall be made available to the public after a reasonable amount of time.  Minutes shall be sent to all Directors for review before posting, and become official in the absence of Director request for modification and with the approval of the President 10 days after their distribution for review.  

Section 10: Final Meeting.
The final regularly scheduled SCN meeting shall take place in May.

Section 1: Use. 
SCN funds shall be used for programs, events, and items, that are in line with the SCN’s purpose.

Section 2: Income. 
The Network has the authority to fundraise in conjunction with and in support of the school.  The Network must remain mindful of the schools focus on Mind The Gap for its fundraising efforts.

Section 3: Expenses. 
Reimbursements for all pre-approved expenses shall be made after receipts are presented to the school.

Section 4: Signatories. 
The Network shall have two signatories on every check in cluding the Treasurer and President.

Section 1: Standing Committees. 
The following Standing Committees or coordinator positions shall exist for the purpose of carrying out a specific set of relative duties: 

  1. Event Coordinator 

  2. Communications 

  3. Volunteer Coordinator

  4. Facilities Assistance Coordinator

Committees can be added or removed and additional special or ad hoc committees may be formed at any time either at the request of the President or by a majority vote of the SCN Board.

Section 2: Chairpersons. 
Chairpersons of Standing Committees shall be appointed/elected annually by the SCN Board.

Section 3: 
The Chairperson of each committee shall keep a written record of the activities of his/her committee in a manner that would allow these records to be passed along to future Chairs. These records should be turned over to the Secretary who will maintain a comprehensive file of all events planned by the Network and make them available to future Chairs.

Section 4: Committee Members. 
Chairpersons may solicit and appoint additional members to serve on their respective committees as necessary.

Section 5: Contracts & Purchases. 
No Committee Chair shall secure any contract in the name of the Network without the approval to do so by vote of the SCN Board or specific approval of the President (for purchases under $100). Any approved purchases must be made within the budgetary restrictions.

Section 6: Term of Service. 
A person may not serve as the Chairperson of the same committee longer than two (2) consecutive years.

Section 7: Attendance. 
Committee Chairpersons shall attend monthly SCN meetings to report on the activities of their committee.  If unable to attend the Committee Chairperson should submit a report in writing to the Secretary and President prior to the day of the meeting.

Section 1: Rules. 
The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, shall govern the Network in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they do not conflict with these Bylaws. A copy of these Rules shall be held by the Secretary and be made available at each meeting.

Section 2: Bylaws Committee. 
A Special committee may be appointed to submit a revised set of Bylaws by majority vote at a regular SCN meeting.

Section 3: Bylaws Amendment. 
These Bylaws may be amended under the following conditions:

  • Either the Bylaws Committee or at least 5 SCN Members shall submit the revision request to the Secretary; and

  • At least 14 calendar days prior notice shall be given to the SCN Membership that a proposal and discussion will be taken at the next scheduled Regular SCN meeting; and

  • A quorum is met at the meeting and the revision request is approved by a majority vote of Directors present.

  • All approved amendments shall become effective immediately and recorded by the Secretary.


  1. SCN shall be noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan

  2. The name of the Network or the names of any members in their official capacities shall not be used in any connection with a commercial concern or with any partisan interest of for any purpose not appropriately related to the promotion of the objectives of the organization.

  3. The Network shall not, directly or indirectly, participate or intervene in any way in a political campaign on behalf of, or in opposition to, any candidate for public office.

Section 1: Dissolution. 
The SCN may be dissolved provided prior notice is given to the SCN Membership, a vote is taken at the next scheduled Regular Network meeting (a quorum must be met), and the request is approved by a majority vote of those present.

Section 2: Remaining Funds. 
Upon a vote to dissolve the Network, the remaining SCN funds shall first be used to pay any outstanding Network debt and any remaining funds in SCN possession will be given to the school.





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