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Ceramic Hand-Building and Pottery Classes

Students will have the opportunity to explore their creativity through clay! They will learn various ceramic hand-building techniques as well as have individual instruction time at the pottery wheel. Classes will begin with a demonstration and will be followed by work time where their imaginations can take over. Students will be encouraged to experiment with design through the concepts of form and function, all with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Students will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of the properties of clay, and the entire ceramic process, from raw clay to the final glazed product.

About the Instructor: Katie has taught students of all ages the joys and challenges of working with clay. Her experience teaching in elementary classrooms coupled with 20 years of studying and practicing clay arts ensure that her students feel confident and supported in their pursuit of creativity.

When: Fridays from Feb 9th to Mar16th (6 weeks),10am-Noon

Where: Near the Intersection of 18th/Hill Road

Class size: 7 students, 9 yo+, Only Please

Cost: $120, All materials are included in the price

For more information, or to register contact Katie Miller,





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